What are the current societal issues regarding the individual that are receiving significant attention?

What are the pertinent aspects of artistic works that are being considered noteworthy?

How is the concept of freedom perceived in the context of art and culture?

What is your perspective on the ongoing conversation regarding entrepreneurial abilities? Can you elaborate on your own entrepreneurial approach? Which proficiencies do you appreciate and prioritize? Are there any particular competencies you desire to enhance? Have you had any involvement with self-organized environments, and if so, what was your experience like? Would you be interested in pursuing a more self-organized approach, and if yes, what motivates you to do so? How significant is your network to you as an artist, and who are the individuals that comprise your personal network?

What is your perspective on consuming culture? How do you approach the idea of being a customer in relation to the arts? Who do you create your art for? How do you define and understand collaboration? What values do you prioritize and connect with personally? How do these values manifest in your artistic creations? What significance does education hold for you, and do you envision any changes to current art education? If so, what changes would you propose?

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